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Caller ID

Since connecting to the NBN I have no Caller ID registered on phone but "Out of Area". Also nothing is being recorded on the answering machine. Now have to call 101.

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Re: Caller ID

Hi - not sure if this will help. If you log into your account on line at


and select your home telephone link section - there is a Manage Plan section where you can activate Calling Line ID (CLID) and also set your preference for Message Bank operation. I think by default, Telstra activate your 101 Message Bank, so it means you would have to deactivate it if you use an external answering system. I have the impression that the change is not done immediately and may occur after 24 hours. 


I had CLID prior to the NBN, but on migration to NBN, I found it was turned off. From the modem's phone port, I called Telstra and the agent programmed it back up, asked me to power down modem after the change was completed whilst he stayed on line (somehow he remained connected throughout the process which mystified me) and then the feature worked. The strange thing is that when I look at my account online  it shows CLID as OFF, so that is why I am not sure if the online activation works. If it doesn't work, the only other suggestion I have is to contact Telstra.



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