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Calling Number Display

I lost my Caller Number Display after I moved to the NBN. It only showed 'Out of Area' message at the screen for each incoming call. Chat with Telstra online and problem is still not solved.

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Re: Calling Number Display

There have been several reports here in CrowdSupport about Caller ID ceasing to work suddenly. It is apparently something wrong in the Telstra side of things..



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Re: Calling Number Display

Hi Jujuto. 

You can see here how to get this working https://tel.st/g8ywe;

If you need further help we will need to check these settings on your account. Please speak with our team via the My Telstra App messaging service (link here https://tel.st/wkcyh). Just click on the "Get Help" menu icon and then click on the "Message Us" button and type "NBN Call Number Display" and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you with this. If you get stuck on the Codi chat bot, you can type "Consultant" to get through to a team member. 
You can also try calling on 132200 but wait times are long at the moment as we are still recovering from the events of the last 6 to 9 months and the impacts this has had on our call centres.

Please let me know how you go.


Regards - 


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Re: Calling Number Display

Hi TommyR

Should have replied long ago. My caller ID problem is solved by my trying to unplugging and restarting the smart modem. Since the Telstra technician had not called me as promised, I didn’t know if anyone had done any technical stuff outside my premise without my knowledge. I presumed I had resolved this myself. But thank you for your helpful suggestion nonetheless.


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