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Cancel home phone

I no longer have a handset attached to my landline. I have cancelled message bank but apparently people are still able to leave a message via the automated system. It occurred to me I probably have hundreds of unheard messages that I cannot access. Is there anyway to disconnect that number so that callers realise the number is no longer in use, or failing that, have Telstra leave a message on the phone that the number is  o longer in use. Very frustrating as I have tried to find a solution for the last four years. Thanks

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Re: Cancel home phone

If you still have a handset available, it may be easier to plug it back in and put a voice message on Messagebank that your home phone ‘is no longer in service’ or similar. Then unplug the phone again. That way people will know that it’s not being used. You can’t really ‘disconnect’ your home phone if you still have ADSL or NBN internet services.

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