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Cancellation Notice required & Charges

1. How much notice do Telstra need to Cancel my home ADSL broadband bundle ?
IE. before they stop billing me for the service ?

2. What is the best way to cancel give that neither phone 132200 nor website seem to be helping today (Wed 22July20).
+ I have asked my new / next provider to retain my current home phone no.

Thanks,   Alan

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Cancellation Notice required & Charges

If you are porting your service, then you do not (and should not) cancel your Telstra service. If you cancel, then the port to your new provider cannot occur.


Only contact Telstra if they bill you for services after the porting to your new provider has occurred. You will receive a final bill after porting has occurred. Just check it to make sure they don't bill you for the period after the changeover.

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