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Cannot receive incoming phone calls

My mother in law has moved into a new house and signed up for Telstra internet and a phone line. The internet is working but the phone will only make outgoing call. When trying to call the phone does not ring. Her phone line is vital as she is a diabetic and needs her land line to be active. The modem call log does not show a call arriving. It shows the outgoing calls only. How can I contact Telstra? So far we have used the Telstra App and get response like "wait 24-48 hours for activation" We cannot get through to anyone by phone, the menu sends us in circles and the phone number is not recognised. This needs investigating ASAP as every night she is home with no way for us to call her is a huge worry. It has been almost 1 month since she signed up and contacting Telstra has been impossible and any response has been a standard reply from a script. No one has offered to look at the issue. We have tried facebook as well, but no one was willing to do anything.

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