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Cant find a wall phone and satellite phones for my situation

It started when NBN was installed a few years ago. My 4th bedroom is where my PC's are. The NBN box was installed there, my daughter used to work from home there old tech with a desktop phone and ear phones plugged in. I have a line into the house to my kitchen and an extension line in the 4th bedroom, When NBN came he plugged the old desktop phone into the NBN modem everything is perfect. His opinion. 

One day later all my communications phone and internet went down, due to a foreign telephone line? So same tech came back told me the line to the 4th bedroom that he connected as it was not even plugged in! was foreign if I wanted to use my wall phone in the kitchen or internet I had to pay a fee for wiring and reconnection. he reconnected it, then came the bill, AUTO bill payment SUCKS. In the process the wall phone was dislodged and has never been secure on the wall. Now my handset is not charging so I want to buy a wall phone with 2 handsets but I don't want to be robbed. I am blind and am sick of being taken advantage of by slippery shysters all the time. Have you got any Idea where I can get a new wall phone that can communicate with Bluetooth to my contact list and has a few WIFI or Bluetooth hand sets. I cant afford a phone and a plasterer after all those bills I paid to Telstra already. I am on a Blind Pension.

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That's a NO from me...

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Re: Cant find a wall phone and satellite phones for my situation

Hi - I can think of two candidate solutions from Panasonic and Uniden. I don't have any experience with these models and if possible your daughter may be able to assist in researching their suitability for your situation and budget. YouTube will also have product reviews on both options and give you a good understanding of basic operations - the ability to use Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phone contact list and call answer is very handy. Both systems have a base station that has desk phone functionality (wall mountable) with additional 2 or 3 remote handsets and option for a repeater if required. The Uniden also has a package with an optional Waterproof phone, which depending on where you locate the base station, may be handy to use for the Kitchen or outdoor area if applicable. Hope this helps. 





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