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Compensation for phone outage

Is there compensation for an extended outage. I was told yes originally, now I don't think so.

Telstra has worn me down to the point I no longer care to continue making requests for outage compensation. In my younger days I would have continued the fight but at 76 and on an old age pension I just can’t be bothered making myself sick with the worry.

Back track a few months.
Early this year there was a widespread outage in our area (postcode 6280) and lasted over a week. We lost our home phone when the cables were cut somewhere. We were able to redirect at no charge to our mobile phone but that has shortcomings. We live in a mobile phone shadow and under ideal conditions can receive calls but normally we have to go outside and move up on a hill. Consequently we missed a lot of phone calls and some important messages.

I rang in January to the normal 132203 number and expressed my disappoint that the outage had been so long. The customer service officer (CSO) apologised and said I would be compensated with a credit to either the next statement or the one after that. In February I rang again to say I had not received a credit. The CSO was a little less understanding and impressed upon me that all the details were annotated on my account and I was told it could take 2 billing cycles to go through. Yes I forgot that and apologised. Again I was told all the details were here and it would show up on the next statement.

In April I rang again to say there had been no credit applied but this time the CSO said he would need all the details for dates times of the outage. I said it should all be there. He said no and to get a credit within 1 or 2 billing cycles I would have to provide details. I was so angry and upset and said I just don’t have that now I gave it all to Telstra months ago. He said nothing was on my account. I then advised that I was too angry to speak any more and that I had to terminate the call.
He then had the audacity to ask “anything else I can help you with today”.

I think the answer is for me to go take a hike but I think I needed to express my anger somewhere to move on.

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Re: Compensation for phone outage

It is weird that three calls down they haven't had it done for you right.

Normally those sorts of adjustments are done the first time. 

It isn't a hard one for them to do, yes it can take up to the second bill to show, but should have been done.


I would suggest lodging an official complaint so they can resolve it for you. http://telstra.com/complaints/ 

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Re: Compensation for phone outage

You have my deepest sympathy, I have been in the similar circumstances at least twice in the past 9 months when dealing with Telstra overseas call centre (one of them regarding adjustment of overcharged bills). Long gone the days where locally based Telstra CSO were actually able to help and get to the bottom of our issue/concern, without us having to chase them up every single time.

I have been with Telstra for many many years and now actually preparing life without them due to my most recent experience. Have actually experienced their degrading Support/Customer Service to the lowest level I could ever imagine.

Even the complaint department is hardly a help and it would take time, as their level 1 officers would try to resolve it from their end and avoid a complaint being raised at any cost (be mindful that they are very persuasive and you need to firmly hold your ground if their explanation/resolution is not to your satisfaction). Once I finally got through to the supervisor and asked him to lodge a complaint case for my ongoing issue, but still he raised another incident ticket instead, in which I already have 2 of them for the same issue.

I heard complaining to TIO or CEO's office usually bears fruit faster, but in my case I basically have lost faith and trust on Telstra, and just couldn't be bothered anymore explaining everything over and over again to different people or chasing them up.
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Re: Compensation for phone outage

The link   http://telstra.com/complaints/ 

gives me 

"Oh no,we looked everywhere!  404 - Page not found, sorry"

The hardest thing to make a complaint is where to make it.

Very difficult to find an address to write to. I am of the letter, envelope,  stamp vintage.

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Re: Compensation for phone outage


Has the postal address
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Re: Compensation for phone outage

Thank you.  I could not find that when I looked first up.

The on line chat is a bit of a problem. While it does not say the 24/7 online chat is only for technical support, I found out the hard way.  Going through the verification, outlining the story (basically what I wrote above ) checking it all out then getting back to me saying this only for techncal support you have to ring billing. 45 mins down the drain.

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Re: Compensation for phone outage

Thanks for all those who replied and offered support.
However I am not returning here on this subject I just get more distressed.
I am marking it solved.

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