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competing telecom providers

I have recently been contacted by Blaze telco offering a monthly home phone plan that is much cheaper than Telstra's plan that I am currently on, and offers better features. It claims that it uses Telstra's infrastructure and that any repairs needed will be undertaken by Telstra engineers. I have heard little about them and am wondering if anyone else knows anything.

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Re: competing telecom providers

I'd go to Google and type in "Blaze Telecom".

Make up your own mind on the various feedbacks.



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Re: competing telecom providers

Hi, have done that. Not much out there. Thought I would also try here.
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Re: competing telecom providers

As a Telstra forum designed to assist Telstra customers, we won't generally be able to provide feedback or opinion on another company.


What I can tell you is that if you move to Blaze, you as a consumer have no direct business relationship with Telstra. You cannot ring Telstra and escalate faults or queries, and must rely on Blaze to do this for you.


As I always suggest, read any fine print and make sure you know what you are agreeing to, and get the offer in writing Smiley Happy




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Re: competing telecom providers

So their claim that they are contacting my mother on behalf of Telstra is incorrect? If so, how did they get her account details of how much she pays each month?

If she changes to Blaze does she lose her Emergency listing?



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