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Connection to New Townhouse

Hi everyone.


Please help.

I got the similar situation as other in the community. 


Accepted Solution  Lead in connection - trenching

My family recently moved into a brand new house in November last year and it has currently been a painstakingly slow process to get our telephone line connected. The builder unfortunately did not bother to connect any lead in to the home and it has fallen to us to get it sorted.


We have contacted Telstra to get the line connected, and we have been told that it is going to be a fairly large undertaking as they will need to bore under the road from the other side of the street etc. That's fine - they have given us a deadline for the external work to be completed.


But what I am unsure about is the connection from the (newly installed) telstra pit in front of our house to phone cables that are currently dangling out of the wall at the front of our house (I beleive that is the network boundary access point). We were told that we needed to arrange a trench to be dug and a conduit laid and then filled back up again (it's a townhouse, so the distance between the pit and our house is only about 3 meters or so). So we contacted Telstra again on 1800 895 319 to arrange for that to happen in December last year.


After several phone calls and reassurances that a contractor would be in touch, until today no contractor has contacted us. What's worse is that we get a different story/excuse everytime, at one point we were told that the contractors don't even handle trenching. The last time I phone was this Monday and I was told (yet again) that someone would be in touch by Wednesday. Again, no one has called.


To say the least we are all getting seriously fed up. We have been given two job reference numbers - one for the external work (council property etc) and one for the trench in our front yard to be dug.


Should we just wait for the external work to be done before (attempting) to contact Telstra again about the work on our own land or does this need to be organised in conjunction with the external work?


Lost and confused.



No calls from case manager since 4 of MAY on which we could get the response from the infrasturcture team or something that was told by another counsultant before . I called today and was told that I have to wait again. What's wrong with the customer service? Even though there is no response from the "special team"like the case manager said, then they should let us know. Because it is no point to keep the customer thinking there would be a call and waiting for that.

Then I didn't know how long will I need to wait and who I am waiting for. I requested the "special team"'s number which i can call and check by myself. But they won't give me the contact detail. And i was told there is no time frame for this issue. I really don't know what's going on here and feel disappointed on this kind of service. The case manager never call back and response my message. Each time i call the direct number, and it refers to the record machine, It is so annoying.

What's wrong here.

There is no place to complain. No one can give you an answer for sure. 

It does not make sence that the new townhouse in Mulgrave Victoria does not have telephone connection or internet.

Is it the only way to let me find out a solution by complaining in some goverment department, like Consumer Affair or else. 


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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Connection to New Townhouse

Hi billsu2013,


If you have been advised of contact back, then this should certainly happen. From what you have advised, if similar to the other situation, then the external work will need to be completed before Telstra can assist. 

In regards to lodging a complaint, it is possible at your request via any consultant you are in contact with on phone of live chat. Also you can raise online here:



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