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Credit rating fraud

Long story short, a couple days ago, I got rejected by a bank for my credit card application due to the bad credit history. I requested my credit report on D&B website and just received it recently. My credit report shows that I have one 'serious credit infringement'. The amount is $324. It was listed on 06/02/2007. Original credit provider is Telstra. Current credit provider is ACM group Ltd. And, it is been paid already. 


I clearly remember the reason I rejected to pay this bill was due to the telstra failed to provide me my bill. I was sharing an apartment with a friend at that time. Without a bill, it was impossible for us to split the bill. Beside, he denied he made that many calls with our landline, therefore, I really needed to check the bill. I called telstra so many times to ask for my bill.(However, telstra called me so many times as well, to ask for the money). I always emphasised my point - 'unless I see the paper bill, otherwise I will not pay.' I still can clearly recall that one operator told me the bill was not availible due to a 'system error', (anothe system error excuse), then I got transferred so many times until got hung up in a sudden, it totally ruined my day. The other operators just urged me to pay the bill. However, they promised me that they would send me the bill. Somehow, the bill was never sent.  I did not know TIO at the time, so I did not bring this dispute to the TIO.


A few years later (I think it is year 2009), when I was trying to sign mobile contract, I got told by the service provider that I have a defaulted bill. I called telstra, one telstra manager told me that things are out of theirs hands already, since telstra has already sold the credit to ACM group Ltd. Therefore, I called ACM group Ltd, they agreed to remove my bad credit rating if I clear my debt.


I paid the bill because I do not want to trouble myself further. I did not request the credit report again because I successfully signed my mobile contract, which totally misled me - I thought the bad credit rating must be removed already. However, as I mentioned the bad credit rating is still there.


To sum up, Telstra should not report me at the first place, because when there is an account dispute (in this case, I have never received the bill), I have every rights to not pay the bill. I would like the telstra to contact ACM group Ltd to remove my bad credit rating, because it is totally not my fault. Put yourself in my position and think, would you pay a bill without seeing it. And please, do not tell me 'things are out of your hand' again.

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Re: Credit rating fraud

Vodafone haven't sent me a bill for my mobile service since the 25th of Feb.  Each month I continue to pay what I know my charges are, because I know eventually I'll have to pay it.  I've also called them a couple of times about it.  So yes, I have current experience with a provider not issuing a bill to me. However, I don't think that absolves me of responsibility for paying for the service I'm using (until it reaches the 190 days back-billing limit of course).


What did Telstra credit management say when you called them to discuss the situation recently?


As for the credit default, it sounds as though it has been correctly updated to a PAID status.  The default is only listed after they send you a letter telling you that it's going to be listed.  It's not just done in secret.  Is there a reason you ignored the demand letters (and likely phone calls too) from the debt collection agency?

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Re: Credit rating fraud

Hi johncitizen and welcome to CrowdSupport!


I hope you do stay around and check out other parts of the forums as it may be of interest!


If the ACM group LTD still has your credit rating, you may need to call into Telstra and request for them to recall that debt and have it removed (if it hasn't been done so already). 


You may also request for a letter as this will assist you in terms of any future discreptencies. 


I do hope this helps Smiley Happy


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Re: Credit rating fraud

The debt is still a valid debt, therefore the most I would expect is that the lsiting gets updated to "paid" instead of being removed completely. 


Unless they didn't notify you of the risk of referral. 




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