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Details of existing infrastructure

HI I am looking to get details of the existing infrastructure at my rental property on the Gold Coast. It has a number of separate phone services to it but as I rent it out I don't have details. I was referred to the development applications site and duly filled out an application however it doesnt really fit the bill. Anyone know where I can go? Thanks

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Re: Details of existing infrastructure

Ask your managing agent if they can ask the tennants as to what they have connected. As you do not "own" the services, none of the telecommunications companies can tell you what services they currently provide to the property. Also, the services could be provided by any one of a number of companies and there is no central registry that you would be able to get the information from.


Also, remember, if they have an ADSL service, if the tennants move out, it may not be available to any new tennants due to the way ports get assigned (at the time of connection of a service).

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Re: Details of existing infrastructure

Thanks Jupiter. I think I have used the wrong term here. When I said services I guess I meant cables, hardware/outlets etc or ability to have a land line connected. Only one of my tenants has a land line connected and they have provided me with the details. Thanks again

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