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Since my landline has changed to NBN/ Telstra, the visual red ringer on my phone has been blinking & the message bank icon has been on showing. indicating  that I have a message in the message bank. Also the dial tone now stutters which is also an indication that there is a message. For the past month or so , I have contacted Telstra support, Telstra faults, Telstra-NBN support and lastly a Telstra complaints manager to try to resolve these issues.

Telstra / NBN support told me that they have completely removed message bank from my a/c and that my voicemail is also inactive.

Two days ago I rang the same complaints manager and told her that nothing had changed, I was still having the same problems. She arranged for a Telstra tech. to attend my home on the 17th, yesterday. The tech. told me that the stutter dial tone was normal and if I could make & receive phone calls everything was okay. I told him that the reason for his attendance was to stop the message bank problem. He told me that he had never come across this problem before and tried to say that my phone was the problem. I offered to show him numerous complaints of the same nature on the Telstra Crowd  Support website, but he was not interested.

To  add insult to injury, I received a  message on my mobile that the Tech. had fixed the message Bank problem and I was being billed $135 to be added to my next Telstra bill.

This morning, the complaints manager phoned me and said the tech. had told her the problem was fixed. I told her that was a lie and nothing had been fixed.

The complaints manager had been very helpful but as she pointed out she was not a technician and could not personally, solve my problem but would kindly waive the $135 fee.

I have read all the posts on this same problem and believe me when I say, I have tried all suggested remedies.

You win Telstra - I give up !!!

David Ashurst

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I am currently having the same problem. Spoke to NBN support, reset modem (with my paper clip under instruction), turned off/on voicemail. Nothing seemes to work. Are are Telco's so bereft of tech knowlege that they can't fix these things?

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Level 21: Augmented


Hi - with transition to NBN sometimes things go haywire with voice messaging. Have you dialed into your Message Bank, set up a six digit PIN and greeting, listened to and deleted any welcome messages left there by Telstra or others, then hang up. Stutter dial tone should not be present after that. There is also a possibility to deactivate Voice Messaging by dialing  [#99# and SEND] which may or may not work.


Do you have a cordless phone system connected to the Phone port of the modem with a message wait LED continually flashing. This seems to occur on some Uniden systems even though there is no message in Message Bank and can be cleared in a setting in the Uniden - 'Reset All Messages'.  

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