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Download .csv calls for previous month's bill (NOT current unbilled data)

I'm uncertain if this is the most correct forum to which this question should be posted but here goes!


I wish to download as either a .csv OR and Excel formatted list of the call data listed on my current paper bill - i.e. NOT the current calls yet to be billed.


Specifically I wish the call data for the period 01 January 2013 to 01 February 2013.


Is this possible to obtain?  If so, how and where do I get it?


Thank you.


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Re: Download .csv calls for previous month's bill (NOT current unbilled data)

You can get the call data for a previous billing period.


Assuming you are a consumer customer, Access the MyAccount section and navigate to the "Calls Yet to be Billed" section of the site (Select the service in question, and click on the "Unbilled Usage" section.


When you are in the old layout (Different logo and style page) you can then click on View Bills, and then select the billing period you require. The option to download a CSV file can be found on the right hand side.




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Re: Download .csv calls for previous month's bill (NOT current unbilled data)

  1. Go directly to the old Telstra Online Billing site.

  2. Click on View Bills on the navigation panel on the left.

    Online Billing overview.png


  3. Select, from the drop-down menu under Bill History on the right, the previous bill for which you want to see the itemised usage.

    Bill History drop-down - select previous bill to view.png


  4. Click on Full itemised usage - CSV below it on the bottom right.

    Onling Billing - previous bill summary.png


  5. The CSV should contain itemised usage (including calls, TXT messages, and mobile data) for all fixed and mobile phone services on the Single Bill.

    Full itemised usage - CSV.png


† You can navigate from the home page or My Account overview page to the old Telstra Online Billing site, in case anyone wants to argue that it is hidden from the average Customer, and requires knowing the URL to get the usage information:




My Account username-password challenge.png 


My Account overview page.png


Link to old-fashioned Online Billing.png


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Re: Download .csv calls for previous month's bill (NOT current unbilled data)


Can you please advise as to what units the duration column is in for a tablet data plan.



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Re: Download .csv calls for previous month's bill (NOT current unbilled data)

Hey sdard,


Firstly, welcome to CrowdSupport. Please stick around and offer any expertise you have in the range of topics we have here, in our Community.

sdard, the duration  column has units in hours and minutes, basically this is the length of time for each data session. Thanks sdard.

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