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Enquiry ee Cordless phone.

I have a new cordless phone TEC  C to go with my TEC D phone. The cordless phone does not ring  on incoming calls. Is this correct?Iam using Telstra NBN.

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Level 20: Director

Re: Enquiry ee Cordless phone.

Hi - these are two independent units but they will ring in parallel. The TEC-C DECT Hub is connected with a telephone cable to the modem's Green Phone Port and is a standalone cordless system with its own DECT GAP network controlled by the DECT Hub. The TEC-D is paired to the modem's DECT CATiq2.0 controller and network. Both devices should be visible in the Telephony devices screen of your modem, but the TEC-C functions are limited to its system only and the same goes for the TEC-D, it is under direct instruction and control from the modem.


If you are not hearing incoming ring on the TEC-C, check the volume control in the TEC-C handset menu in case it can be adjusted to audible levels.  

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