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false emails

Please pass on as Telstra do not have a direct email for the public that I can find…(which is hopeless for a business!)


Is this a hoax?… If so please follow up.


Brian Blaney


From: Telstra []
Sent: Wednesday, 20 January 2016 7:47 AM
Subject: Your telstra bill for account is refunded









Your account number: 2000133647550

This refund bill number: 0955163833


Dear Customer,


Proceeding on the server controls on payments made, we found the following error, This month dated 02/112015 yourmonthlybilling balance was paid in twice (302.42 * 2) an amount of 604.84 AUD. For this purpose, you are requested to visit theAccount Services space and Completing the claim to receive an immediate refund .



See you online soon,

Gerd Schenkel

Executive Director, Telstra Digital Sales and Service






Due Date

09 December 2015 





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Re: false emails

If you fill in the form at and attach a copy of the email they will be able to track it/look into it.

Sadly as a well known brand, with the largest market share their name is used in scams all too often.
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