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Fault escalation

TL;DR: How do i escalate a fault to get it fixed faster? I've been given '2 business days' for an appointment, and I'm sick of repeatedly reporting a line fault that recurs every time it rains.


I've opened 3 faults on my phone line now:



and now current open fault - 9/6/18.


I'm told earliest time for a tech to come out is Tuesday by COB (its Saturday now).

The fault is always foreign battery on the line - likely an open joint in a pit or a faulty cable that becomes water affected - It only happens when it rains.


Tech each time said they've fixed it, but cleared didn't.


Telstra faults person says each second and third time they "guarantee" it won't happen again.


With this 3rd failure, the faults person refuses/can't/won't/doesn't know of any process to escalate for an earlier appointment, even after telling them that a 4th fault will result in a TIO complaint.


Anyone had success with rectifying/escalating repeated faults. Is there a number I can call and speak to some one in Australia with a brain that doesn't just read off a script?

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Fault escalation

Hey GTRShaun,


I can appreciate your frustrations with the connection issues and do apologise that this fault is re-occurring Smiley Sad As you have mentioned there have been multiple issues with the same issues, then I would recommend having this raised as an official complaint, allowing us to have a specialised case manager assigned to have this investigated and resolved further for you. Steps for having this raised can be located at:



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Re: Fault escalation

Hi Dan,

thanks for the link.. I've opened a complaint via the faults line thismorning - this was offered to me by the staff there on 132203.

Telstra tech came out again thismorning (a day early - woohoo) and did yet another pair swap. According to him, he had to test pairs from 1-136 on the main cable (exchange to pillar) before he found 137 had no fault, and he's swapped me onto that pair. Main cable is damaged between exchange and pillar with obvious water ingress and failed pressurisation.

The thing is, even after the pair swap, the line is still faulty; I've got 50Hz hum audible on the line, and my ADSL is syncing at 4M/0.1M instead of the 13M/1M i usually get. SNR is 7/8dB, and its usually ~7dB at 13/1M.

Called up the faults line again and i had to push to get the automated test from the exchange done, which shows no foreign battery, so the lady on the other end of the phone said 'oh, there is no problem now, so call your ISP'.... great... hand-balled.

This shows me that Telstra isn't taking ownership of what is clearly a physical line fault (still!) moreover, the main cable being damaged and being water affected (this is a pressurised cable according to the tech - so probably lead sheath, paper insulated) says its case is likely damaged, the bottled nitrogen used to pressurise and keep water/moisture out of the cable is empty/not serviced, and the cable isn't being maintained. The latest Telstra tech said that if its still faulty there is a specialist 'pressurised cable team' that will need to look at the main cable to fix it. Sounds like an expense Telstra is trying to avoid.

No wonder the technical community and public at large have no confidence in delivery of a reliable quality NBN FTTN over existing copper lines with the farce. I can't even get a simple ADSL service to stay functional when it rains, and my link is about 2.5km.

The lack of satisfactory rectification on my service over 2 weeks now is totally unacceptable. I've opened a TIO complaint on this issue.
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Re: Fault escalation

Plot thickens..

Yesterday, the tech tested the first 146 pairs as faulty and the 147th was viable.... that lasted a few hours, and then lost dialtone. DSL sync was a paltry 4M/200k (I normally see 13M/1M), with packet loss and sync drops.

Tech today tested all 200 pairs in the main cable, 100% failure rate.

He called the internal Telstra service desk (SO-Something) and got fobbed off and told 'need 5 active faults on the cable for us to investigate' - they had 3 including mine, but 100% test failure rate on the cable. He called his manager and got the magic words so he could call them back and get it escalated.

Tech said he doesn't have access to the exchange to even check pressure gauges for the main cable. No one can tell me who has access to the exchange to check this.

Time for Telstra to commit to fixing the main cable?

I'm going to call faults back again now and see if I can get some kind of action.

I'm sure I'm not the only one fed via this cable that relies on phone and ADSL internet for a source of income. Hot Spot to my mobile will only go so far.
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Re: Fault escalation

my case is now attached to "unplanned maintenance" due to be completed tomorrow, but even corp support couldn't give me details on the case.

Any Telstra people able to get and share details on maintenance events from a case number?
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Re: Fault escalation

I guess I'm going to get no more love here...

Perhaps "TIO" was the magic word that make all the CSRs start ignoring your thread.

For reference, I've now had confirmed that there is zero gas pressure in the main cable from exchange to pillar.

This smacks of zero maintenance and zero care given.. usually I'd not use the word care and replace it with some other vernacular.. but I'm sure my meaning is clear.

I'm guessing nobody cares to respond?

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