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Fault on landline phone but still have ADSL

Hi, this morning I found that there is a problem with landline. ADSL Internet is working but cannot use the phone. When I call home from mobile it rings out. My Uniden phone shows message ‘Check Tel Line’. There is no dial tone but some noise on the line. I’m sure it’s not coincidence that the nbn mob have been in the street for the last few days working in the pits but when I tried to report a fault was told no fault on the line and to check my own equipment. Can ADSL 2+ work but phone line be faulty or is it likely to be my phone equipment if the internet is ok. I guess we have to borrow a neighbours phone to check our equipment tomorrow. V frustrating

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Re: Fault on landline phone but still have ADSL

Yes it can but it wouldn't surprise me if your ADSL is affected in some way as well.

If you haven't already, plug your phone directly into the wall socket and check for dial tone. If you do get a dial tone and no noise it will be the filter. If no tone or lots of noise, checking with another phone is a good idea as there is always the possibility that the phone itself is the cause

When you contact residential faults again don't mention anything about the internet
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