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Fixed phone is disconnected but no way to report it



There was a Telstra Tech in the pit outside my building yesterday and he appears to have disconnected my fixed phone line by accident. While he was working in the pit in the morning I had a few brief dropouts but as he departed I lost dialtone entirely, the line is dead, he was gone when I went out to ask him to review what he had done. There are no other outages coming up in my area and the Telstra Smart Troubleshooting web page confirms that there is a problem on my line (I have the reference number if needed). The problem is while the Smart Troubleshooting page can confirm there is a problem is clarifie the fault still needs to be reported, but reporting isn’t so easy.


I've tried reporting this via the usual channels but I'm stuck in an infinite loop with the call centres referring to the 24x7 app, the app referring to the Smart Troubleshooting page, the Smart Troubleshooter referring me to the call centre 132203, and that call centre referring me back the app again both completing and starting the cycle again. There appears to be no to report and fix the problem caused by the Telstra Technician. Can I please get another Telstra Technician to fix the issue within the pit? What are my options here to make the report to get this to happen?

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