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Frustrated trying to get support for my landline.

I have had no landline number since switching over to Telstra in March. I have had countless conversations with Telstra's so called technical team members who just get me to do the same thing over and over. Reset the Modem, ask is the phone actually plugged in(are you kidding me!!?), try a different cable, try a different handset. I had a visit from a NBN technician to verify the line in to the premises is Ok. I was informed that I can't have a visit from a Telstra technician because it costs money!! I would move to a different provider immediately if I didn't still owe money on the modem that doesn't even work.


What outcome would I like?

1. A visit from a Telstra technician to fix the issue.

2. At least send me a replacement Modem to try...

3. Refund me everything I have paid to Telstra since march.

4. Waive the cost of the Modem so I can switch to a different provider.

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Re: Frustrated trying to get support for my landline.

Some of those questions aren't that sill really. Depending on your modem the handset could be a cordless DECT type, not all DECT phones are compatible. If it is not a cordless phone what port is it plugged into on the modem?


Troubleshooting a fault from a distance can be difficult unless certain information is known - what service do you have, does your plan include a phone service,what equipment do you have installed - modem and other devices make and model.


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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Frustrated trying to get support for my landline.

Is the phone light on the modem green? If phone light is not green then fault is either in Telstra network or due to modem being faulty. If phone light is green but the phone doesn't work then fault is most likely to be a faulty modem or it could be a handset that is incompatible with modem.

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