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Frustration with trying to get a landline number ported

I am not sure if anyone can help or has been through the same experience but I am having real difficulty getting Telstra to port a phone number.


The backgound is that I had an ADSL and home phone service with another provider and recently switched to an NBD service with Telstra which included a phone service. The phone service has a new number but I was tolded (when ordering the NBN service) that my old number could be ported to the new service. (My NBN service is FTTN).


I have requested for this to occur but cannot seem to get anyone at Telstra to do it or tell me why it isn't occuring. I have esculated the issue and have a case manager assigned but he is failing to call me to provide any sort of update. The best I get when I phone Telstra is that there has been an error when the port has been attempted and that the case manager will call me to update. There is no explaination beyond that (ie. it cannot be done etc).


The case manager has also failed on three occassions to call me on the day he said he would.


This has been going on for 2 weeks and I am none the wiser on the status of my original request.


Does anyone have any suggestion as to how I might esculate this within Telstra?



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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Frustration with trying to get a landline number ported

Hi JimDM  it sounds like your new phone service is already active with another number. f that's correct your old number cannot be ported over to the new line. To port a number over this has to be done at the point of application, the number is assigned to the order and comes over when the line activates. I apologise if this was not explained on your previous enquiry. 

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