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FTTN - Number Porting Screw up - Telstra to iiNet



So I transferred my parent's internet over to iiNet.

They are old so they want to keep their landline number.

Problem 1: mum provided the wrong Retail account number
Problem 2: The iiNet sales rep keyed the retail account number in wrong

During the setup there was a note on the account to reschedule the NBN appointment because the porting had failed, but iiNet didn't call.

I was busy so I didn't watch the task list like I normally would.

A week after the NBN change over we started wondering what was going on with the landline. I logged in and saw that the number port had been rejected.

It took a week to discover that the retail account number had been entered twice – I had to continually check the task to see if the porting was successful – No one at iiNet called when the porting failed.

Now the port is being rejected because Telstra deactivated the line.

iiNet are saying we can pay for a CDNO (What is that?) to get the line out – Possibly at our cost.
iiNet are saying if Telstra would just reinstate the line as a virtual number they could get it out.

Telstra want to help, they did say the number would be "reinstated" within 72 hours.

Then we got an email over the weekend saying we are getting a "Telstra home phone national on the NBN" – This isn't what we want, we don't want the copper to go back to Telstra!!

Telstra are also saying I can talk to iiNet LNP team to get the number out.

I am also getting some very mixed messages about whether the number is actually in quarantine or just disconnected.

I would really appreciate if someone from Telstra or iiNet could step in here and sort this out.

It's very frustrating explaining the same thing over and over each time I call, then constantly being put on hold while the rep (Both companies) talks to the NBN or fibre team, then for them to kick it back to the other company.

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Re: FTTN - Number Porting Screw up - Telstra to iiNet

I know this was a long time ago but did you ever sort it out.  I've got the same problem.  Stuck in limbo land between providers.  Any clues to the route out of the maze?

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Re: FTTN - Number Porting Screw up - Telstra to iiNet

Telstra refuse to change the status of my Telephone to allow  the number to  be ported  to Skymesh also .


Spoke to a dozen or more people from Telstra and 3 of those actually promised to call me back to explain what was happening.



 No answer was the stern reply.


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Re: FTTN - Number Porting Screw up - Telstra to iiNet


The link in the first post indicates what to do the final outcome.




"There is an exception to this however. You can get a new Exchange Based Diversion (CDN0) virtual service connected in an NBN cease sale area.

So your two Options are to call Telstra and tell them you dont want the NBN voice product you want an Exchange Based Diversion / CDN0 to <some number> instead (however I have heard they give out some bull**bleep** that the number you are forwarding to has to be another Telstra number sometimes)

The other option is to get iiNet to do the CDN0 and try to get them to waive the fees. If you do this they will need the exact account holder details on the original Telstra bill

For the quarantine Aspect: In general when a Phone number is diconnected it goes into Quarantine for at least a few months.

While the number is in quarantine only the original account holder can reconnect the phone line. So in this case you dont need to get the quarantine removed just make sure that the reconnection order has the original account holder details and it should be fine."


The fee is $80


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Re: FTTN - Number Porting Screw up - Telstra to iiNet

I'm the OP, can't log in using my old details.


See response here, you might not have to pay the $80.





Are you porting the number to iinet? Is there a note in the support ticket saying reschule NBN appointment but they didn't call you? In that case iinet are liable for the CDN0.

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