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Getting two landline phone numbers connected .... if at all possible ????

1. Can you assist me with connecting two landline phone numbers ?
and then until I have secured the new trading premises have these two numbers listed on an “ exchange based diversion ”

2. Secondly I have a active number that I would like to have ported from My Republic back to Telstra as soon as possible
and have this third number similarly listed on an “ exchange based diversion ”

I have been trying to do this now for the past two weeks with no success , from being on the Telstra Chat line from 13:45 to 19:55hrs only to be told that the operator on the chat line was about to go home and my problem was not even resolved.

I have been to my local Telstra store to be told that they are unable to connect me to land lines only mobile connections

I was given addresses in Liverpool and Sydney City of Telstra Business stores that no longer exist.

I waited on phone lines to speak to an operator for 56mins on the previous occasion, only to be cut off before I had a chance to speak to anyone and now today 34 mins so far and no result,

I have never encountered such difficulty in getting Telstra to connect land lines connected and I have been a Telstra client
since 1979 with Landlines and then Mobile since 1994 and I can confidently say that with my recent experiences in dealing with
Telstra indicate to me in which direction this country is heading and why.

If you can help then be so kind and reach out , alternatively offer me the courtesy to refer my requests to someone who can.

I suggest you also cease with the skeptical advertisements on the television proclaiming Telstra is the number one telco in Australia...…. hardly.

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