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Guardian 301 Disable Call Screening

I just got this phone and I'm trying to set it up.  The manual is a bit slim on what the options actually do?


When someone calls up and it goes to the answering machine, the base station plays out loud the automated message followed by the person leaving the message.


It's a bit annoying.  How do I stop that?


I assumed that was 'Call Screening'.  And I found an option by that name in the settings and changed it to off.  But the messages keep playing out loud as they come in.


Anyone know what I need to do?

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Level 2: Rookie

Re: Guardian 301 Disable Call Screening

I kind of solved my issue.


The 'Call Screening' option is a handset setting that lets you listen in to the message from the handset.  It's not a base setting.  I was on the wrong track there.


I got rid of the base station playing the announcement and live message by turning the volume all the way down.  I was planning on using handsets for listening to messages anyway.  So problem solved.

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