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Handset says "Error check phone line" & Alarm wont dial out.


I had some issue a few months back where my home phone with my digital handset stopped working.  I had telstra inspect the line and they found a fault.  The tech called and said it should be fixed, it was.  


Fast forward a few more months, digital handset said "check phone line" also my alarm system stopped being able to dial out.  

Teslstra inspected the line remotely and the call centre person said yes a fault was identified.  Tech came out and said he could not find a fault in the line.  I attached an old tesltra phone, I hear a dial tone.  I checked the plug to the alarm and again dial tone good.  But when I goto put my digital handset into the same plug, no dial tone.... 


I need help, the alarm people said that there is a voltage drop that is stopping the system from being able to dial out.  

Can telstra help with the voltage drop issue? 

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Handset says "Error check phone line" & Alarm wont dial out.

Hi LK_

We're recommend calling and having a chat with our Faults team on 13 22 03 - and let them know what your alarm company have determined. 

From there they'll be able to work out if this is a matter that we're able to assist with - and if it is they'll arrange for the appropriate work to be completed.

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