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Help with useless web site redesign for home phones.


Up until today I have been using rules to block numbers.  Now it seems someone with very little skill has redesigned the web site and the below options are gone.  Can you tell me where to find the following now?

"Once you are logged in, under Plans & usage, select Home Phone, scroll to the bottom of the page to the Add-ons, click the blue Manage button, click on Call Forwarding. To Block numbers you know, click on Create New Rule"

Also is there a way to block all calls from India?

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Re: Help with useless web site redesign for home phones.

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Re: Help with useless web site redesign for home phones.

Why would you suggest that useless site.  It does nothing to block scam/spam calls.  Telstra had a great section where you could create phone rules, but now some corporate muppet has decided to remove it.

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Help with useless web site redesign for home phones.



Some of this might be due to the removal of incompatible products.


I should also point out that the Do Not Call Register would prevent legitimate telemarketing only and has no bearing on scam calls.

Our Unwelcome Calls Team on 1800805996 (available 7 days 06:00-24:00 AEST) can assist you with call blocking should you require this.


Alternatively, the Call Guardian 301 phone also has some nifty built in call blocking features and is a cordless phone for convenience.


I hope that helps.

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