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Home line fault fixed - does it get any better?


On Sunday arvo kids contacted me at work to report home phone ringing continuously (without any pauses) but the Internet working all OK.

Symptoms indicated that it could be an exchange fault therefore all handsets (including an old T200) have been unplugged from sockets. I've rang Telstra's 132200 and to my surprise an operator was with me within one or two minutes and five or so minutes later the fault was tested, escalated and referred to a local exchange technical support.


Reading some "bad" stories on the Crowdsupport website I was pleasantly surprised how quickly this fault was fixed.

Within around 24 hours from reporting the issue I've had local Telstra technician knocking on the door ready for final testing and taking home line off the diversion to my mobile (Monday the 14th was a public holiday). 


Has anyone have had better experience yet?


Thank you Telstra.


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