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Home phone has no caller ID

When I make calls from my home phone, the receiver doesn't have our phone number displayed. It shows 'no caller ID' or 'unknown' or 'private'. Silent line was connected by mistake when we moved house and changed to NBN, but I've had it removed so our number is now listed. Any ideas on why our number doesn't come up? Telstra tell me it's a problem with the receivers handset, but that would mean a lot of handsets have issues!

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Re: Home phone has no caller ID

I would think that when they remove the Silent line it hasnt updated your CLI status.

Silent Line has CLI Blocking (stops your number going out) however you should No CLI blocking with override.

Give them a call and have them checkint the CLI status.

Note: It can be the recivers handseta, however generally this would only be Homelines with no Calling Number Display and mobiles should be unaffected.
Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Home phone has no caller ID

Hi Jackster1


chat with us via our secure Live Chat http://tel.st/hsc3 so we can check the settings on your home line service to make sure number calling is enabled.

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