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Home Phone issue

My elderly parents who are in their nineties and my father has a bad heart , have consistently have problems with their land line, The phone will only receive calls occasionally probably about one in Ten calls will go through when you try and contact them most times you will only get the Telstra on hold music or sometimes message bank . They have replaced all handsets three times in the last three years so it is not the phones they have Telstra NBN over a copper line,this has been reported numerous times but Telstra seem to be unable to fix this problem , Does any one have a phone number where i can contact Telstra  any help would be very much appreciated as I am on the Sunshine Coast and they are in Townsville so this is a major problem for them

Thanks Guys 

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Re: Home Phone issue


As your father has a bad heart, his phone service should be registered as Priority Assist.

Here is a link to making application.


Unless they have changed the protocol, Telstra will for 30 days take it on face value whilst it is documented, and provide priority assist service to get it fixed. It will happen much more quickly and will be supervised/

If the documentation is not completed within 30 days it will be discontinued.

If you ring 132203 service faults  and say priority assist, and manage to get an answer, they will set it up on the spot for 30 days.

Telstra doesn't have local phone numbers for service related matters.

If still the priority assist department can't get the phone properly fixed, you can lodge a complaint


If in the unlikely event  that still does not get it fixed, a Google search has this contact email with the CEO's own complaint office in Australia


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