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Home Phone ringing problem

I have a Telstra Long range 12850 DECT 360 cordless phone with 2 handsets. I am not using the extension unit. When someone rings me on their phone that it rings on their end about 4 times before it starts to ring on my end. This explains why people in the past have often thought I was not home because they heard it ringing for a lot longer than I did. e.g. They heard 7 ringing sound and I heard 2. I have tested it myself using my own mobile number and I get the same result. I tried the same test with my mobile and using an old Telstra hardwired phone and it starts to ring straight away as soon as the ringing tone is heard on the mobile. This means it is nothing to do with my modem or VOIP setup. I have looked in the manual to see if there is any setting that would affect it but there does not appear to be anything that you can change. Initially I thought that it might be related to the number of rings before the answering machine cuts in. (4,6 or 7) I had it at 7 and reduced it back to 4 but it did not make any difference. It also doesn’t seem like it responds quickly enough when I pick up the handset as often the announcing starts even if I have already picked the handset up. I have also tried a reset on the phone using the menu and settings etc. Is there something that can be changed to make it respond to what is actually going on? i.e. start ringing as soon as the person dialling hears the ringing sound and stop the announcing cutting in as soon as I pick up the handset.

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