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Home phone stopped working 30/5/2018 as at 12/08/2018 sitll not fixed

On the 30/05/2018 my home phone stopped working. I've been ringing almost every day for about  2 weeks. We did modem reset about 6 times , turned modem off , replaced modem and nothing was working. Sent a technician and found that all my connections were ok. Then got a case manager and could not do anything. Sent a Telstra technician checked everything and organised for NBN technician to come. He replaced the connection wire from outside the house to the NBN box he found that the signal was not strong enough. Rang his office did more line testing and found out that my home number that I had for over 40 years had been restricted and to tell Telstra about it. He sent a report as well. They were never able to get working. Then they did after 2 months a new connection with a different phone number and new E-mail address. Because I was interstate at the time thety wanted to close my complaint after 2 days. Then they said that we had to switch off the modem for 2 minutes and restart it . I got my son to do it for me but before he did it he had to change the connection in the NBN box going to the modem. This time on the 12/08/2018 the telephone started working again. Now I am still waiting as at the 5/09/2018 if they can give me back my old number and E-mail address. I have been a customer of Telstra since 1974. We are very disappointed of the service supplied

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Home phone stopped working 30/5/2018 as at 12/08/2018 sitll not fixed

Thanks for the post and feedback @testa


It is not good to read of the poor experience you have had with your NBN service and that the matter has dragged on for so long. I apologise for the frustration and inconvenience caused.


I hope that your old service details can be returned to you, please don't hesitate to let us know how you go. 

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