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How do you get Telstra to provide service for a Landline fault?

Every year, my landline drops out after the first heavy rainfall of the wet season in Far North Queensland.  Each and EVERY year I have exactly the same problem with Telstra!!!  Their response to the lodgement of a fault report is absolutely abysmal and accompanied by, what it appears to me, oversimplification and exageration of the actual situation.  My Landline went out (as usual) and I waited for two days to see if it would rectify itself i.e. was it an aberration or was it part of a wider problem?  When there was no rectification, I attempted to lodge - by email - a fault report.  but guess what???????  The vast majority of fault report forms on the web that have been posted by Telstra, all require - as a MANDATORY field - the listing of a Mobile phone number.

Like MANY people in Australia over the age of 70 years - I DO NOT own a Mobile phone -p I simply cannot understand the ones they have now.  In sheer desperation - after trying to lodge multiple fault reports that kept bouncing back because I hadn;'t included a mobile number - I listed a number that I had had several years ago (when Mobiles were much simpler!!!)


Lo and behold - I received an email three days later that stated that "we have been TRYING" to contact me on that number but without success.  Little wonder there was no success - I tried to ring that number and received a message that "the number has been disconnected".  So why did Telstra lie?? Why did they say they had tried to contact me on several occasions???????


I have been in touch with the Ombudsman - but he/she is about as weak as water.  Wait and see what happens, the Ombudsman says.


How do I go about getting something done to fix my landline???? Last time this happened, a technician told me that it was an extremely simple problem caused by water in the junction box that is located about 50 metres away from my property.


I'm becoming VERY frustrated with this seemingly endless annual problem.



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Support Team

Re: How do you get Telstra to provide service for a Landline fault?

Hi Ian,

This situation does sound frustrating, I'm sorry to read you're currently without your services, & that it happens around the same time every year. 

If you happen to have the fault or case number I can see what I can find out for you.


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