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How to cancel call forwarding on a landline



We asked Telstra to set up call forwarding to our mobile as our NBN landline kept going down. Unfortunately they forwarded the calls to the wrong number. In any case, we want this removed and have tried:


To remove Call Forward Immediate.
1. Lift your phone’s handset and wait for the dial tone.
2. Dial #21#
3. Hang up.


This does not work.


Is there anything else we can try???

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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: How to cancel call forwarding on a landline

Yes, This is a simple one.


You need to call 1800 834 273 and get them to forward it to the correct number. Because it has been set up by the operator, it is what used to be known as an Exchange Redirection. This means that you cannot manage it from your phone.


When you are ready for the redirection to be cancelled, you will need to call them for that as well.

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