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how to contact telstra

I always endeavour to pay my bills on time and as I still have not received this bill in my mail as yet, how can this be overdue? To arbitrarily stop sending bills by post and without notice and to suddenly find I owe such a huge sum came as quite a shock.


Please know that I have been a loyal customer of Telstra for many years - since before the name change from The Post Master General to Telecom and then to Telstra. Please know that I am not just old fashioned. I am also approaching old age. Having a reliable Phone service is important for me to remain independent, do I need to search for a more reliable Provider with a better reputation?


Please request your staff to ring me <removed for your privacy> if you find my bill to be out of date. I would very much prefer to receive my bill in the usual way so that I may pay it when my Centrelink cheque arrives - also it is usually accurate when it arrives by normal mail. When I have to rely on computer mail - sometimes it does not arrive. When I receive a bill in the ordinary mail I can reassure myself of it’s accuracy by ringing Telstra if necessary.


Just adding the old bill to the next and not forwarding it caught me by surprise.


And to find out by accident while trying to contact Telstra about another problem seems to be quite extraordinary.


I do not ring Telstra very often. Not being able to contact Telstra by phone for help when needed does not bode well.


Please be aware that I am a slow typist.


I do find these 24/7 chat thing’ose are very difficult to respond to.  People who constantly use these chat what-names seem quite practiced.  I have many questions to ask and typing them all on this chat thing becomes very tedious. I cannot keep up. How do those folk with arthritic hands cope? Surely there must be a better way.


Being switched to another department mid-sentence can be disconcerting.  And having the phones battery losing charge while trying to discover what is happening can be annoying.  Do the Telstra phones have a maximum life?  How often must a customer buy a new phone?  Or will Telstra supply this?  Does Telstra have phones which have a base station and handsets which can be placed in other rooms?  Do your customers need to shop for cheap and nasties to obtain these items?


I do understand that your call centre interviewer can easily run out of patience with people such as myself who are slow to understand the new ways of doing things, and I do understand them needing to find a supervisor every time I ask a question they do not know the answer to.  I would also be appreciative, if only they were able to speak to me when a supervisor is not available and before my battery lost all of its charge,.


A return call with answers would be much more acceptable.


Doing stuff via the Internet seems to be very insecure.


I have to change my password every time I write a letter.


This takes time and while waiting for new passwords I cannot be talking to anyone.


Please thank the girl who managed to organise a new mailing address and User Name for me.


It is understandable that different Providers may not actively support each other; however, to find out they positively discriminate against each others’ customers is disappointing. I would be appreciative of an explanation as to why some Providers are supported by Telstra and others are not - for what reason are they differentiated and how may I find out which ones?  Does Telstra have a black-list; and, if so does Telstra have a list of Providers with whom you cooperate with?

Is there is a reason for Telstra black-listing of other companies? The answer to this question would seem to be in the public interest to know.  Also, so far, I have not found these questions or answers on your Crowd Chat Forum.


Finally why does Telstra Staff refrain from monitoring the chat-line forum and answering tricky questions as it would seem to be an easy way of avoiding your customers being led astray by those helpful people who offer the wrong answers?


Best Regards



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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: how to contact telstra

Ok, so to start at the bottom, there is Telstra staff who do monitor and support on these forums, however as it is a community page, the majority of the posts are from fellow customers.

It is not here as a replacement contact method for Telstra. Telstra still have their call centre, livechat and stores with fully trained agents who are able to assist with account enquiries. While on the other hand Crowdsupport is a great place for customers to converse on different services, devices and help each other with things that may be outside of the normal. As it is a public forum I have requested that one of the moderators remove your phone number for your own privacy.

If you do not wish to contact Telstra via 24x7 LiveChat then that is fine, you can also gain support via the phone teams on 132200 or via your local Telstra Store - you can find your nearest store here: http://tel.st/findstore

You can certainly choose between having a paper bill or an email bill, if you do prefer paper bill that isn't a problem. As you said you have centrelink make sure that, if you haven't already, that you also give Telstra your pension card number, as you may be eligible for a waiver on the paper bill fee and depending on your plan possibly a call credit each month as well.

With regards to your comment about the different providers, I am not sure that based on what you have said that it is clear what you mean?

Telstra is split into two parts, Telstra Wholesale who own and maintain the copper phone network, they work with all of the service providers who provide services over their network, so as far as that goes Telstra Wholesale as the wholesaler would have a working relationship with most of the other providers (except those who are nbn only for example). There is then Telstra Retail (who maintain these forums), who are the service provider, they like other service provider retail services provided by Telstra Wholesale, as a retailer their dealings with the other providers would be more limited. Telstra Wholesales network support is fairly highly regulated by a few federal bodies, so their practices in dealing with and supporting clients of the different retail providers is pretty controled and detailed.

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