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How to De-register T-Hub Handset

There is no need to de-register the handset as you can register up to 5 handsets and old T-Hub handsets are compatible with T-Hub 2.


But just in case you wanted to, Here are the instructions on how to unregister a handset on the T- Hub.

Select “Settings” from the idle screen then [Ok]
Scroll to “Base Settings” then [Ok].
Scroll to “Delete Handset” and then [Ok]
You will then have the ability to unregister any of the Handsets registered to the Base Station.
Select the name of the handset that is to be deleted and select [OK]
You will then be presented with the message ‘Do you want to unregister this handset?’. Select [No] or [Yes]
By selecting [Yes] you will be presented a message ‘ Handset unregistered from the base’. Alternatively
you will be taken back to the idle screen. 

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