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I'm not with Telstra and I have a Fault, what do I do?


I have done an Isolation test and found that i am not getting any dial tone. I am not using any Telstra services. 45 days back suddenly the internet speed dropped to 0.12 Mbps from 10 Mbps. I am not able to lodge a complaint as Telstra needs telephone number, but i dont use their services but their telephone line.


Even though your service may be supplied over the Telstra Copper, you need to report the fault to the company that you pay for the service.


If you are testing an internet issue, you should check to see if there is a landline issue before lodging a fault with your Internet Provider. If you don't have either Phone or Internet, log a fault with your Phone Provider.


Telstra Retail (ie: The departments within Telstra that deal specifically with End-Users or "Direct" customers) are not able to interfere in the operation of a Telstra Wholesale Service (a service provided to another company to on-sell to you). This carries huge fines for individuals and for Telstra, and is referred to as Operational Separation.


If you find that your service provider is not fixing a fault, and you have used their Complaints process (all Telco's have one, and it can normally be found on their website) then you may wish to consider lodging a complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. It is important to note that the TIO cannot force a supplier to upgrade its network (including Telstra) or to make a commercial decision.

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