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I phone

I extended the rings on the phone now when I don’t answer it says I’m not contactable I have switched off or something,  how do I correct this 

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: I phone

Hi - Did you extend the ring time on your landline telephone service or mobile phone by inputting an extended ring network code or did you extend it in a cordless phone connected to your modem through the phone's menu settings? The topic is registered in Home Phones but I wasn't sure if you meant to type iPhone.


How did you extend the ring time ? If it is a cordless phone, what is the model number. If it is an iPhone, afterwards during the day, you may have accidently turned on a Do Not Disturb feature - if so, the iPhone will have crescent moon Icon at the top to indicate it is ON. Open up the Control Centre to turn it OFF.

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