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Infinity waiting voiceline connection

Hello. My name is Dasom Choi. 2month ago I relocate to herbey bay from brisbane. Get the new house looks every thing fine. Before moving house I applied telstra adal bundle and I expect 2weeks for connecting telstra adsl but now it taking 2month and make worth I never expect the connecting date. Imagine no internet house.
Until 29/2 looks fine but that date technition comming my house he failed find telstra cable and he said me "contractor comming my house for solving this problem within 7days"
At that time I believe him purely. But until now I never seen anything and never received any phone call. Of course I ask to telstra about this nightmare happen but they are irresponsible to they business. All counselor make lie to avoid problem at that time. I a lot of time ask to counselor "when will be reiceive phone call to make visit from contractors" every time they make lie to me "you will be reiceive phone call on tomorrow"
"you will be reiceive phone call on monday" "you will be reiceive phone call on friday" "you will be reiceive phone call on today" but I never reiceive any phone call. Best ridiculous is I asked same question to different 2 counsellors same day, one people said "you will be reiceive phone call on tomorrow" the other counselor said "you will be reiceive phone call on thursday" what the hell......? Now I'm very confusing.... So I required the contractor number but they said don't know we are too so I ask whats going on please explain this situations. They said the contractor is not telstra person so we are don't know.
Uuuh?????? You don't know? If they don't know why they working there? If they don't know how to now about contractor will be calling me?????? How to solve this **bleep**ing problem?

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