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Is the InContact service still available please?

I have been sick recently and in need of a ambulance I have no way of calling out. I have looked at homeline services available but they are to much given I'm just on Centrelink. I have a cheap mobile with a prepaid Telstra SIM card but due to the fact that the mobile data cell reception in my area is so bad I can not even use the phone for emergency calls. it is quite a scary situation to be in. I've left domestic violence recently so I would also like to feel safe that I can call someone if need be if my children or I are in a unsafe position. Does Telstra still offer the InContact service? thank you

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Re: Is the InContact service still available please?

Hey Tictoc2, this sounds like a really stressful situation, I hope things are picking up for you and you're on the mend! We absolutely do offer InContact home lines, but there's some eligibility criteria. 


The InContact offering is only able to be provisioned on accounts that have no other chargeable  services whatsoever. We're talking no post-paid services of any kind. You can have a pre-paid mobile service alongside it but that's pretty much it.


Let me know if this helps.


- Anto

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Re: Is the InContact service still available please?

Be aware that Telstra InContact is a free limited service that offers incoming calls but restricts outgoing calls.

You can read the Customer Terms for the InContact service at https://www.telstra.com.au/content/dam/tcom/personal/consumer-advice/pdf/incontact.pdf


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Re: Is the InContact service still available please?

Telstra does have a team that is dedicated to dealing with Domestic & Family Violence survivors -> See Domestic and family violence assistance (telstra.com.au)


Unfortunately, it seems that their programs are based around mobile phones, but it would still be a good idea to get in contact with them to discuss if there is anything that they can suggest for your particular situation.

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Support Team

Re: Is the InContact service still available please?

Hey Tictoc2,


Were you still needing a hand with this one?

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