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Is there a current E-Mail Scam going around asking for Billing Details?

I received an E-Mail today from (info@online.telstra.com.au) asking saying Telstra's Service to me is about to be suspended and i need to supply Billing Details (see screenshot off phone).




I clicked the link in the E-Mail which then brought up the following internet site (note the web address also) certaintly doesnt look right to me, but when i click on another link on that site page it takes me to the correct telstra site. (once again here is a screen shot of the site page asking for details)




Is this really what i think or am i being way too paranoid?

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Re: Is there a current E-Mail Scam going around asking for Billing Details?

Hi Jas,

Welcome to Crowd Support!

That's definately a scam, Telstra will always identify you by name and never ask you to click links without providing the URL seperately. Additionally they won't ask for credit card details unless you go into their store.


Also the URL does not say Telstra.com or BigPond.com and instead says cpanel etc etc etc So you know its a fake website.



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