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land line issues

My mother in law's home phone  has been a source of great frustration and annoyance for months,every morning when she checks the phone there is no dial tone,she jiggles the receiver cradle button and  the phone then gets a dial tone,during the day we ring her and all you get is the busy tone,

We have called 132203 on at least 10 occasions,we go through the test proccess every time only to be told the phone is working correctly,she uses a hard of hearing phone with built in answering machine,found out she was connected to 101 when buying here last phone from telstra,which they connected for free,knowing full well she was buying phone with  an answering machine built in,why would she want both? then last week  we are told 101  can cause conflicts with answering machines,great we thought get it disconnected ,wasnt so easy but after two seperate  132203 calls we seemed to get in disconected,still issues,next could be call waiting mturned that off still same issue,have bought new phone two weeks ago ,no change ,have internal line replaced ,no change ,have had telephone socket replaced no change,telstra says   everytimee they check its working fine,the one time it didnt they put it down to human error.

telstra will come and check but want $130 ,to make sure its not an internal fault ,then they will send someone out to check there incoming line,coountless hours on the phone to 132203,two new hard of hearing phones,approx $400.00, new cat 5 and internal socket internal socket $100,but still they want to charge to check our internal line,if no internal fault  only then will they check there line,

tried to book a technician,only to find  please let us do some checks from our end first,done it countless times ,why done it again since we  did same checks two days ago?


have no idea what to do,mother lives alone 76 years old ttechnilogically  backwards,any ideas as to what can be causing the problems?


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: land line issues

Hi frustration10,


As long as the issue is happening with just one phone connected to the main socket then the potential service fee would not apply as you have multiple phones to test while isolated and if they both do the same thing on the line then it would be something the technician can look into.


- AlistairQWA

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