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Land Line Porting



A bit of history...


I originally had a ADSL internet and phone bundle with Optus - (PhoneA)

I wanted to switch to Telstra for faster internet and was placed on a Cable and Phone bundle. We enquired about porting our phone number from Optus to Telstra which we were told was possible.


The switch was made but our number was not ported and Telstra said that they would give us a temporary new number (PhoneB) that would be removed once the port completed. Telstra later said that they could not port the number because it was a VOIP number, whilst Optus said that it was not VOIP as it was connected to ADSL. We found out that PhoneA has now been moved to Telstra, but it is "Pending Disconnection" and we now have a paid number forward from PhoneA to PhoneB.


We are currently having problems with the redirection from PhoneA as when people from non Telstra numbers call it, it says its been disconnected. We have only been aware of this for the past 5 days. We were advised by Telstra that this would be fixed last week but the problem still exists.


Telstra has advised that the number could not be ported for the following different reasons with no consistency.

1) It was VOIP (when it clearly wasn't as it was ADSL) - It may seem that Telstra does not know that ADSL requires an active phone line to work

2) They did not know why it didn't port - Odd given Telstra is Australia's largest operator and set up most of the current infrastructure

3) It was locked due to NBN rollout - does not make sense as people would still be moving house or business and suddenly cannot port numbers.


What I want to know is:

1) I want to move PhoneA from a pending disconnect to an active service so I can port it to a VOIP service - according to ACMA - when a number is disconnected it goes to Quarantine. As the number is held by Telstra - it should go to Telstra Quarantine - shouldn't Telstra be able to reactivate it to another service?

2) Keep my current Telstra PhoneB and Cable internet

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Re: Land Line Porting

Porting is actually done by the company that the number is coming from and your current problems with Phone A not receiving calls from non-Telstra numbers will be because Optus hasn't completed the porting properly (they need to put a redirect in their numbers database to point the incoming call to look at Telstra's network).


It was possible to have a VOIP service on ADSL. I used to have it myself when I was working FIFO.


Theoretically you can port Phone A to a VOIP provider. It will depend on your account status.


Similarly, you should be able to keep Phone B and (until the NBN dictates) your cable internet.


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Re: Land Line Porting

Thanks for the info.


I asked both Optus and Telstra about the port request. Both are saying it's the other person. I did a check today and the number is currently "owned" in a sense of speaking with Telstra.


The phone not receiving calls has only been a recent thing. It has been working correctly for the past 6 months.


I've tried porting PhoneA back to Optus, porting to a VoIP provider, even trying to get Telstra to transfer it to an active service and I keep getting told it can't be done...that there is a problem, but no one seems to know what the problem is. 


And it's really frustrating because I use I to get work calls and I'm stuck having to pay Telstra for call forwarding and my number is in limbo.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Land Line Porting

Hi @carznandy


Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear about your experience, this is not what we want for our customers at all.


If you are looking at raising a complaint, you can do so here. Once you've done that, a case manager will be assigned and in contact to investigate this further within 3-5 business days.


Please let me know how you go.

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Re: Land Line Porting

Any luck? Not sure if my situation will help...

I have an issue whereby by the land line with Telstra was suspended due to needing to be upgraded to NBN, then apparently the NBN request from Telstra keeps being cancelled by NBN (it's taken me three weeks to be given this info) I've had to request my NBN provider cancel its request for the number to be ported so Telstra can unsuspend the number first, thereby allowing my NBN provider to port the number. (Who knows if this will work, I'll find out in the coming week) Again, not sure if it will help your situation

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