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Landline continuously dropping out during phone calls since yesterday 17/4/14

Yesterday people trying to call my landline received engaged signal. I tried to make a call last night and received Telstra message saying Service to this areas was out and Telstra was trying to restore. Today I was able to receive and make calls but the landline kept dropping out during calls after one to a few minutes. We checked our handsets and the line dropped out regardless of which handset we were using. Is there still an outage in our area (Reservoir) and what is being done about it? When can we expect service to be fully restored?

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Re: Landline continuously dropping out during phone calls since yesterday 17/4/14

If you are in a rural area some distance from an exchange with a prolonged repair time, with 2 or more bars of signal on your Telstra mobile phone, outside your home on the veranda, an option by Telstra for Phone/Fax and Internet in one box as a Copper Replacment, is a FWT (Fixed Wireless Terminal) similar to the NBN Fixed Wireless that can be enquired about at with Telstra by calling 1800305307 Opt 2.

Before going through this avenue. Have at least three tries with Telstra, then if this dosent work there is at least the Comunication Ombudsman.

I'm not a Telstra employee.
I'm a Wireless 3G/4G LTE/4GX Antenna Sub-contractor and these are my opinions and not of Telstra.

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