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Landline not working

Hi , for the last 3 days our landline has not been working. There is no dial tone but you can hear a very faint crackle. When you dial the number you can hear it ring from the phone you are ringing from but not the  actual phone  you are ringing. I have used the diagnostic guide and everything seems ok. I tried calling telstra but was on hold  for just over 2 hours do gave up

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Level 20: Director
Level 20: Director

Re: Landline not working

Hi - If you are on the NBN, try turning off the Telstra Modem and wait 2 minutes before turning power back on. Sometimes with VoiP, the integrity of the current communication link from the modem to the Voice Server in Telstra's network requires a refresh. That worked for me once. 


If you have a traditional landline without Internet involved, you would need to report a fault to Telstra. If you have ADSL and you have another phone, try removing the current phone from the ADSL splitter and test with an alternative phone. Sometimes the wiring or connectors in curly cords in handsets are the cause of crackles or poor connectivity. 

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