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LANDLINE PLAN Ultimate Voice

Hi My mother has a landline plan Ultimate Voice. Does any one know how often the Bills/statements are issued for payment. Mum usually receives her bill every 3 months but has not received one for awhile. Looking at her Telstra account they say she is up to date. She last paid a bill at the beginning of September 2020. The account states her next issuing bill date is 21st February maybe they will have full total then? As COVID19 has affected the work force maybe this is why bills are not issuing? Being elderly she is getting concerned they will "cut her off"!! Any advice welcomed Thanks. 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: LANDLINE PLAN Ultimate Voice

The vast majority of customers receive their bill monthly, and predominately by email these days.

Maybe check her payments to see if she double payed the last account. If it was in credit by at least a full billing period, she may not necessarily receive the following bill.

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