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Landline ringtime extension

How can I extend my ringtime before the phone switches to messagebank?


Despite earlier setting the time to 20 seconds it reverted after a few weeks back to 4 rings, about 5 seconds, which means that unless I am right next to the phone I miss every call.


I have tried the "solutions" on the website, none of which work. The *9960# or the *9930# routine does not function and the ringtime remains fixed on 5 seconds.


I called 132200, waited 35 minutes on hold before the line dropped out. I called again and waited 44 minutes befor getting someone on the line who told me to use the *9930# routine which I already know does not work!


I have used Telcoms in 3rd world countries, but I have never come across anything as absolutely useless as Telstra.


To have to spend hours just to make a simple adjustment is completely unacceptable and unprofessional.


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Re: Landline ringtime extension

Hi Kim5


Please refer to this Knowledge Base article as it explains how to extend the ring time for Messagebank and Home Messages 101




If you have any further questions, let us know.



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Re: Landline ringtime extension

Deanna, please read my post.

In the 3rd para I said quite clearly that I had already done the *9930# thing, which is what is stated in the link you gave me, IT DOES NOT WORK.

I have called 132200 three times now, total waiting time 144 minutes, managed to get through twice only to be told the same thing, (try *9930#). Is there anyone there who knows what to do? All you are doing is sending me round and round in circles.

One consultant told me she would connect me to a "technical consultant" I waited another 5 minutes and then the line dropped out!


Telstra's treatment of your customers is outrageous, surely in something as simple as this there must be a number I can call to correct a fault, even if it can't be fixed immediately which I can quite understand as long as there is someone who can tell me my report of the fault has been noted and will be repaired within a day or two.

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Re: Landline ringtime extension

How do I extend my landline ring time                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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Re: Landline ringtime extension

It must ring quickly Kim5 to get four rings in five seconds.


Check Page 7 of this document... http://telstra.com.au/help/download/document/home-features-user-guide-c020.pdf I take it you have not seen this document as there's no mention of the *9960# that you mention, so I can only assume that is why it doesn't work.


Sorry to hear this simple adjustment has been so problematic. Perhaps you should change your terms of enquiry. I typed in "extend ring time" in the search box on telstra.com and the third result on the page after submitting the enquiry.


I don't have a home phone and nor do I have a phone book, but I believe the feature codes are contained in the information section.


Good luck.

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Re: Landline ringtime extension

Coolcol, you should also check out the pdf file in the post above, it gives you a list of the features for a home phone service.


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