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Lift phone line connection on NBN

Hi, our units have a lift with an emergency phone which worked before the premises were switched to FTTC NBN.


The strata group are saying we have to sign up to NBN50, but this sounds strange as the lift is only a phone line, and doesn't use "data" in the sense that it needs a data plan.


Is it correct that we need an NBN data plan for an emergency phone which would only be connecting outbound using POTS?  Is there a VOIP conversion plan or something that we should be looking at instead?


Thanks for any assistance, Far

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Lift phone line connection on NBN

If it isn't being converted to a true VOIP system, then it would only need a voice service.


Ask the strata group to see the advice that was provided by your lift maintenance contractor with regards to the emergency phone.

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Re: Lift phone line connection on NBN

The only connection it had preNBN was a voice plan (ie no ADSL)


Thanks, I found the NBN TC1/traffic class 1 connections for voice only.  I'll check into why one of them isn't being selected instead, because it shouldn't need more than that.

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