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Line Faults

I had a line fault on my home line recently.


NBN is working in the neighbourhood and there is every likelihood that they had disconnected the line by mistake. However, I suppose we have to go through all the motions of checking the line to make sure that it isnt in my house.


I do have some points about this process.


1. I called Telstra and was billed for the considerable time spent in checking my line. It cost me $6 to hang on the line while they checked it. As I said, it was the NBN who caused the problem, so I'm a bit miffed.


2. Why doesnt Telstra sell a line switch that can be put in series with the phone line that can put a standard resistance in the line so it can be checked. I keep a corded phone nearby but the whole process of getting down on my knees and plugging in that phone, is a pain in the proverbial. I've had to do it about once every year for the last few years....probably more often... so it's a pretty regular occurrence.


3. The telstra person said that they would send me a link for follow-up but they didnt.


4. How do you report a line fault if you havent got a mobile? I suppose that's a question from the 19th century. However, I dont use my mobile much and it's often discharged or doesnt have credit on it.  Maybe I should think about getting rid of the whole fixed line thing.


5. Can't the NBN guys tell the telstra guys that they have fixed the fault? I had a booking for the line to be checked 3 days after I reported it and the NBN guys fixed it the next day. However, the fault remained on telstra's system. btw, the 3 days delay for a line check is more than just a nuisance.  I have foxtel subscription that costs money and I'm not getting access to it. Ditto the broadband subscription. No discount for no service. As I said, it was the NBN who probably caused the problem so I got a reasonable gripe.


I think Telstra needs to remember that I am paying probably $20 a month or more higher than market rates, because I am hoping that the service is more reliable and/or is promptly fixed  when there's a fault.


I will say that Telstra did fix a line problem going to my house a few years ago which required the cable to be dug up and reconnected. It got my loyalty for doing that but loyal customers can feel like chumps if they think that they're not being treated fairly. I'm not upset with Telstra at the moment, just a little annoyed at the phone bill and the loss of service and the running around that I had to do to check the line. 

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Line Faults

Hi Markfs, 

Thanks for contacting us and providing that feedback.  In regards to the costs incurred due to this fault, feel free to talk to our billing team on 13 22 00, once your service has been restored and see what they can organise for you.

If your phone or mobile isn't working and you're unable to call 13 22 03 to report a line fault, but still have access to the internet it is possible to report a line fault via the following web form. 

Report a Fixed line fault

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