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loss of phone line

We had the NBN connected this morning. Since then out landline phone connection (with 3 extensions) has been lost We were told two different things by the technician and Telstra:1. The NBN technician says we have to connect our main phone to the new modem.  If this iscorrect, where do we obtain a cable with the required fittings? The modem does not use the wall plugs. 2. Telstra told us theconnection would come back in 6 hours. This seems to ve for an NBN connection. They also said a trechnician would have to come out to connect the phone for $240. This seems most unreasonable. 

What is the real situation? Do we get our phone line back or do we have to pay Telstra?

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Re: loss of phone line

What sort of NBN   service has been delivered?

What NBN and Telstra equipment do you have (look at the labels on the equipment or on the bottom).


My guess is you have a Smart Modem 2, and for that you would connect your home phone into the Green 'Phone' port on the back.. it is a standard telephone RJ connector (smaller than an ethernet one). Your phone service will be coming through the NBN/Telstra service now.


There are other possible ways to connect your existing handsets, but you will need to advise what brand/model those are.

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Re: loss of phone line

If your phone has the old jackson 602 plug instead of a RJ11 plug you will need go buy an adapter. There is an example at link below. You should be able to purchase one from a electronic shop such as Jaycar.





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