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Message Bank on home not activating after no answer

My phone is an NBN phone using Fixed Wireless.  Recently the message bank was not activating when someone called our home phone.  The caller would wait out the ring then instead of the message bank greeting there would be a continuous 2 beeps.  I rang Telstra and spoke to a non Australian.  They said to dial *99# and it would work within 24 hours.  NO GOOD.  Rang again and spoke to an Australian.  She thought it may be the length of the ring, so she called me back on my mobile and we adjusted the ring length by dialing *995#  on my home phone.  Message bank greeting worked.  I tried *9955# - No message greeting.  Tried *9930# - Greeting worked.  Seems there is a problem with long ring settings with message bank.  Good to speak to a smart Australian Telstra representative.

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