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Messagebank Indicator Techsupport run around

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what steps I could try next to convince Telstra to fix my Messagebank.


At the end of 2017 a nearby lightning strike damaged some equipment at our exchange.


A technician came to fix our line and told us that he had to move us to some other equipment away from the damage. He warned us that there might be some glitches and gave us a number to call at Telstra should we encounter them.


After he left we noticed that our messagebank was playing up. All incoming phone calls were being diverted straight to messagebank.


We contacted Telstra via the number and another tech looked at the issue and said our messagebank was 'completely messed up' and wasn't responding to any changes he made at his end. He said he was going to have to 'completely recode our line' to fix it.


After he did so, everything appeared to be back to normal.


But we've only just realised that the blinking message indicator light is no longer blinking. We only have the stuttering dial tone.


We contacted the online chat. Who looked at the system and said that it was reporting that the message indicator light was active on our account. He said he was unable to fix it beyond that and we would need to contact the messagebank people.


When I contacted them I was told that they were unable to fix it as the system was saying everything was fine. The only thing he could do was to put in a request to add the messagebank indicator light even though we had it already. He said if it didn't work then I would have to contact the line fault people.


Obviously, it didn't work so I called the number he had given me.


When I contacted them, they looked into it and said that the system was saying everything was set up fine. He suggested that I 'get out the yellow pages and look up a local IT help support person to come and help me setup my phone, because I had obviously done something to it'.


When I explained that until the lightning strike and 'recoding' of my line everything had been working fine and we had changed nothing on our end. He told me to call the messagebank people. I said they had said to call him. He said there was nothing he could do to help.


So. Does anyone have any ideas of what I need to do next? I'm getting the circular run around. Is there any language I can use? I mentioned the previous tech having to recode the line due to issues, but that didn't seem to impress anyone.

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Re: Messagebank Indicator Techsupport run around

Fixed.  I lucked out and got someone on the phone who knew what the problem was.  A simple coding error she said.  She was surprised her colleagues hadn't picked it up.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Messagebank Indicator Techsupport run around

Thank you for the update JCreek, glad to hear all has been resolved for you Smiley Happy 

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